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Electrical & Instrumentation Services

We Make All Efforts To Strive Forward And Make Onward Progress In The Field We Could, We Enjoy Serving Our Customers From The Various Industries, With The Best And Latest Technologies Products & Services in the field of electrical and instrumentation Our Brands: FLEXIM, AXIOMA, SMAR, ASTAVA, FTI AIR, We offer widest range of proven electrical & instrumentation products such as instrument hook-ups, , Smart /local Field instruments for measurement of Pressure ,flow ,temperature and level parameters, cable and cable management, metering and custody transfer and wellhead control panels etc. We are a one stop solution provider for complete instrumentation package.

Core Products /Services Range But Not Limited

Instrument Valves, Tubing & Fittings. . Field Instruments/Transmitters/Meters (Pressure, Temperature, Level & Flow)
. Primary Flow Elements- Orifice Plates / Flow Nozzle / Venturi
. Mechanical vales and strainers.
. Ultrasonic Heat, Water Metering, And Data Management Device
. Analytical- Water-Cut, Liquid Analyzers (- Ph, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, Percent Concentration and Dissolved Oxygen) & Portable Gas Analyzers and Dew point Meters
. Fieldbus Power Systems, Fieldbus Wiring Components, Intrinsic Safety Interfaces Surge Protection & HMI.
. Circuit Breakers and Panel Cables
. Electrical And Instrumentation Cables
. Junction Boxes & Enclosures
. Pump (Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump)
. Fireproofing-Intumescent Coating
. we can offer technical support during shut downs; maintenance programs; training; equipment assessment including adjustments / alignments; vibration check; re-engineering and implementation of retrofits